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Gross Insurance pays insurance claims online


GROSS INSURANCE and NEW LIFE INSURANCE companies pay insurance indemnities in the amount of 350-400 million soums daily to their customers.

When life presents an unexpected challenge, the attitude towards the people who surround us and the events that took place in life changes. In such circumstances, it is important to feel protected, surrounded by close people, strong and confident partners, who are always ready to help.

From the very beginning of the spread of the virus, in response to the president’s call and as a precautionary measure, Gross Insurance, that operates in the general insurance industry and New Life Insurance, that specializes in life insurance, transferred most of the employees to telecommuting. Companies were fully aware that self-isolation alone was the most effective barrier to the spread of this disease.

In this situation, health insurance also comes to the fore, in which companies occupy leading positions in the insurance market. Gross Insurance and New Life Insurance health insurance programs provide an opportunity to have quick access to diagnostics and treatment in more than 300 leading private and state clinics of the country and to receive medicines in more than 230 pharmacies across the country.

Gross Insurance mobile app with the functions of having an appointment to a doctor, finding a clinic and pharmacy nearby helps you find the right specialist at the right time and in a convenient place. You can download the application via the link

The professional Customer Support Center serving clients of Gross Insurance and New Life Insurance operates 24/7/365. The center’s specialists quickly respond to customer requests, providing round-the-clock service support throughout Uzbekistan.

Operators serving in Uzbek, Russian and English, a medical group staffed by leading doctors with extensive experience, an emergency commissioner service, responding to every call and, if necessary, leaving for the place,are all at the clients' disposal.

Despite the difficulties and restrictions faced, companies remain in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year remotely and online.

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